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Published: Wed, 03/29/23

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Featured Book: It Is Written by Ali Leonard

About Featured Book: It Is Written by Ali Leonard

New YA adventure fantasy by debut author!

Once—staring at the tips of five sword points.
Twice—fleeing from dozens of young people wielding farm implements.
Three times—cowering in the center of a homemade tornado.

Three brushes with death are not the worst consequences of Corine’s choice to leave home. She also faces the imprisonment of 13 of her friends and total upheaval of her life in the Fire Clans.

And the best consequence? A close friendship with Prince Petrus of the Walled City. Petrus should be Corine’s enemy after he helps assassinate her father, but an ancient religious text called The Scroll brings them together in a quest for peace.

Do the Scroll’s prophecies hold the key to ending the war between Corine’s people and the Walled City? Join her on a dangerous adventure to find out.

This Christian Focused, Young Adult, Fantasy book is available in these Formats: Print

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