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Published: Tue, 04/11/23

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Featured Book: The Melancholy Strumpet Master by Zeb Beck

About Featured Book: The Melancholy Strumpet Master by Zeb Beck

Gilmore Crowell’s anthropological study of Tijuana sex workers had his dissertation advisor cheering him on. But that was years ago, before his best sources in the streetwalker community up and vanished. Now he’s living in a downtown Los Angeles boarding house for seniors and listlessly trying to jumpstart his research anew. The faculty elders have grown impatient, he’s too broke to pay his parking tickets, and his girlfriend recently dumped him. To stay afloat, Gil takes a job teaching in a juvenile detention center, using his salary to pay the sex workers to speak with him. In a madcap act of self-sabotage, he begins sleeping with them, as well.

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