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Published: Thu, 04/06/23

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Return to Vienna by Peter Dixon

Return to Vienna by Peter Dixon

‘Captain Charles Kennedy’ parachuted into a moonlit Austrian forest and searched frantically for his lost radio set. His real name was Leo Hillman and he was a Jewish refugee from Vienna. He was going home.
Men and women of Churchill’s secret Special Operations Executive worked to free Austria from Hitler’s grip. Many were themselves Austrians who had fled Nazi persecution. Trained and equipped by SOE, they courageously returned to their homeland. Some died in the attempt.
Their moving stories are part of the history of how Austria recovered her sovereignty.
‘An extraordinary and compelling account of the little-known operations of SOE and Austria in World War Two … shines a light on the bravery of the agents, in a narrative told with colour and vivacity, yet great sensitivity and meticulous research’, Dr Helen Fry, author of Spymaster.
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Targeted Age Group:: All
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 1 – G Rated Clean Read

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This is my third book on the WW2 Special Operations Executive, but I always find a fascinating corner of its work to uncover. More readers need to hear the stories of brave individuals who risked their lives to undermine Nazi oppression.

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