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Published: Sun, 04/02/23

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Storm Clouds Rolling In (#1 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Series) by Ginny Dye

Storm Clouds Rolling In (#1 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Series) by Ginny Dye

** Amazon Best-Selling Author & Series **

Review: Moses had come to watch his daddy die. I read the first sentence of the first book and knew I would read every word of what Ginny Dye writes. I’ve devoured this remarkable saga, and all 19 that follow! I will read every new one that comes.

Unforgettable characters that will capture your heart. Rich, accurate, historical detail. These are the hallmarks of Ginny Dye’s work. The bestselling Bregdan Chronicles novels have captured the hearts of fans all over the world. This enthralling saga encompassing the Civil War & Reconstruction has eighteen books right now, but many more are coming.

Warning – the Bregdan Chronicles will suck you in and never let you go!

Book Description:

Carrie had always lived a charmed life, but restlessness gnawed at her soul. She dreamed of a different future, but dramatic changes are taking place in the South. Her heart and mind would soon be tested by fire – sweeping away dreamed of freedom as chaos descends.

Carrie Cromwell comes of age as the storm clouds of the Civil War swallow America. Born with a fiery spirit and a strong mind, she finds herself struggling between the common wisdom of the South and the truth she has discovered. The activities of the Underground Railroad and her close friendships with the Cromwell Plantation slaves create difficult choices. But when her decisions put her at odds with her heritage and challenge her dreams, will she be able to give up all that is precious to her?


This first book of The Bregdan Chronicles historical fiction series will pull you in and never let you go. You’ll experience the Civil War era (and all the years to come) through the eyes of both White and Black, Free & Slave, Southern & Northern – and you’ll fall in love with every character.

Review: I never thought I would find a series to enthrall me like The Bregdan Chronicles has. I was wrong! I am struggling to find appropriate words to describe the awe I am in, and find myself failing miserably. I absolutely could not put these books down. I would finish one, and immediately hop online to go get the next one, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, when my tail should have been asleep. The writing style of this author brings you right into the story as if you are a part of it. She has amazing talent to capture the imagination, and bring you right into a virtual reality. I have fallen in love with every one of these characters – especially the strong women! – and have become completely entranced with each life represented.

The historical account of this time period was so right on, so very vivid, you almost feel like you’ve walked right into it. These books became so alive, I actually had dreams at night of battle. (I’m not even kidding.) But it goes further. There were conversations in these books that had me reading over them several times. Life lessons. Sage advice. The kind of wisdom that comes from every day life. Moments that were so profound, they pierced my heart with an accuracy that I can’t even begin to explain.

Many times, the lives and hearts of each character were changed and rocked with revelation that came about in a moment, yet, so deeply touching the deepest recesses of the heart, that you can’t go beyond it, without it having changed you as well, as you read it.

Thank you, Ginny Dye, not only for an amazing journey, but for those light bulb moments throughout each book, that reached beyond the pages, and made their home inside the soul. What can I say overall? Well, let me put it like this: these books are like… “Gone with the Wind” meets up with “Eat, Pray, Love”; then whispers some “Secret life of Bees”, forges some “Steel Magnolia’s”, and at times, wraps itself with the “Color Purple.” Sigh. Did I mention how much I loved these books?

Targeted Age Group:: Teens through 65+
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 1 – G Rated Clean Read

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A lot of people ask me why I chose to write about the Civil War and Reconstruction.

The answer is because the pizza restaurant wasn’t open yet!

Okay, so that’s only part of the truth… It’s true that the pizza restaurant I wanted to eat at in my then hometown of Richmond, VA wasn’t going to be open for another hour, but there is more to the story.

It was a beautiful day so I decided to go for a walk.

As I strolled along the treed streets of Richmond, I saw a sign indicating there was a re-enactment happening that day for the Chimborazo Hospital.

I had no idea what that even was, but I decided since I had time to kill, and because I knew the site offered a fabulous view of the James River, I decided to go up the hill to discover what it was all about.

Little did I know how much it would change my life.

I had decided to write an historical fiction novel, but I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about. How do you decide what fascinating historical thing you want to write about?

There are SO many stories that deserve to be told.

Anyway, up the hill I went.

When I arrived on the bluff overlooking the James River I saw several large tents that had been set up to represent the hospital wards where tens of thousands of Confederate soldiers were taken care of during the Civil War.

I could hear voices coming from inside one of them, so I went inside.

I was delighted to see a young woman dressed in 1860’s clothing, and a circle of 20-30 second graders sitting around her on the ground. They were listening with rapt attention.

I listened along with them, enjoying learning more about what had happened at the hospital, but also horrified by the hardships and suffering that had been endured there.

When the young lady finished speaking, she asked if anyone had questions. I waited to see if any of the children would respond. When they remained silent, I raised my hand.

“Yes?” the young woman asked.

I asked what I thought was an innocent question. “Are there any of the documents left from the original hospital?” I love original documents because they haven’t been doctored yet!

She looked exasperated, gave me a look that said she doubted my intelligence, and snapped, “Well, no, of course not. They were all burned when the Yankees came down here and set fire to Richmond!"

Well, I didn’t know a lot about the Civil War at that point, but I knew that wasn’t true.

I pondered whether to challenge her and then looked again at the group of 2nd graders clustered around her – listening… believing they were hearing the truth.

I raised my hand again. I could tell she didn’t want to acknowledge me, but she did. “Yes?”

I spoke calmly. “Isn’t it true that the Confederates set fire to Richmond?”

Her eyes flashed with anger as she snapped, “Well, they wouldn’t have done it if those Damn Yankees hadn’t been here!”

THAT was the moment I decided to write about the Civil War.

As I looked at all those impressionable children who were being poisoned with ignorant bias, I knew I had to write books that would tell the truth.

Little did I know how very little of the truth I actually knew at that point – or to this very moment. Every book I write causes my mouth to hang open in disbelief as I learn the truth of our history.

My passion to reveal it – within the lives of characters you fall in love with – only grows with every book I write.

When I started this series, I thought I would just write 5 books that would tell the story of the Civil War.

If I knew very little about the Civil War, I truly knew NOTHING about Reconstruction. When I finished Book # 5 (The Last Long Night), I thought I was done.

I had no idea if there was enough during Reconstruction years to actually write a book around, but I decided to at least take a look.

What I discovered in my research astonished me. I knew I had to keep writing – telling the stories that most Americans have absolutely zero knowledge about.

It has been a fascinating journey. Every book has challenged me. Every book has changed me. I can hardly wait to see where history takes me next!

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
I'm not the kind of writer that carefully outlines the plot and creates the characters before I begin to write. Honestly, I wouldn't even know how to do it.

I started The Bregdan Chronicles with the idea of a free-spirited woman who challenged the norms of the time. Carrie Cromwell and all the characters that have followed within the 20 books have come to life on the page as I write the story.

It may sound simplistic to say HISTORY has created each character, but it is also the absolute truth.

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